One time my arm took a picture with Taylor Swift and that's probably my greatest achievement.

        with the hella good hair
May these memories break our fall

Let them keep living in the darkness and we’ll keep walking in the sunlight.

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darling, it was good

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  Anonymous asked: who gave you permission to be this cute give me your face

Stop it youuuu I might burst

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Who's Taylor Swift  anyway?..

“The lyric I’m most proud of is from ‘All Too Well’: ‘And you call me up again just to break me like a promise / so casually cruel in the name of being honest.’ That was something I came up with while ranting during a soundcheck. I was just playing these chords over and over onstage and my band joined in and I went on a rant. Those were some of the lines I thought of.”

Taylor Swift talking about the lyric from Red she is most proud of (x)

just close your eyes, the sun is going down. you’ll be alright; no one can hurt you now. come morning light, you and i’ll be safe and sound.

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Sooo I was tagged to do the six selfies thing a few weeks ago but going through my folders I realized I didn’t even make it to 6 selfies unless I went all the way back to Christmas and included some dumb Christmas hat selfies (instead: enjoy a picture of me with cotton candy in my mouth). Turns out, I’m not really a solo-selfie person unless you count me trying to out-battle myself in the How Many Chins category. After some searching, here we go: six selfies! 

I tag my beautiful friends butlovinghimwasred carryingstars
 idrivehomealone eyesoutoffocus (if you’re comfortable with this) and thank you gorgeous teylursweft for the tag.  

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Baby dancing to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

This is so adorable! Taylor needs to see this! 

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